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Stranded World Chapter 14: Mission (4)

Chapter 14: Mission (4)


In the middle of the room, the elders of Konoha deployed their meeting, the meetings about the entity of the returning missing ninja, named, Flynn Firefly.

“This is something else huh…”

Seeing the report in front of him, Danzo can only say that. While the other elder can only read the report speechlessly…

“So, is this person should be deemed as an S grade threat or SSS grade threat?”

“Don’t kid me, Hiruzen… SSS threat is something only the tailed beast owned…”

Like Danzo has said, the same as the threat deemed in the mission threat, a grade D to A is something that can kill several to half of a village, while S class deemed as a threat that can injure the village massively, while SS class can obviously destroy the village if the person or being wanted to. However, an SSS grade is something that even with its existence only. It can deal massive damage to the land, not only the village but the land of fire…


“I agree with Danzo, you’re being too cautious Hiruzen. From what I can see, although he is dangerous, we can actually see that he doesn’t really damage the village. Even more so, he’s making the village more advanced…”

It’s still unknown to Hotaru and the other, especially the kids in the orphanage but, even the thing they called Lego is a massive hit in the land of fire. The village receives an amount of contribution by the merchant that bought the permit to create it for their business.

It’s not that they just sell it, they’ve got the permission from Flynn himself in exchange to release Yugao out of the Ninja duty. Although losing a talented anbu officer deal with some damage, the influx of finance they receive could increase the quality of their ninja…


“I really see this person as a mystery… however, knowing Hotaru with him, I don’t see the bad thing”

“You’ve taken a liking to the kid, huh… I see that’s unexpected, Danzo”

“I also think the same as Hiruzen Danzo, you really thought of the kid…”

“Ah, leave it there, hag. I’m only defending my chef, it’d be trouble to lose some of my favorite…”

Danzo has been a patron of Teuchi ramen since years ago he tasted the Wasabied ramen. The flavor that burns him down from the core of his being into the tip of his body makes him enlightened by many things… leaving aside the masochistic side of Danzo that like the pain he received from the dish, he actually makes ROOT became the official Konoha army.

The identity of the child and personage of the root became visible and known to the clansmen and officials in the village. Increasing the might of the village.


“Okay then, what shall we do next?”

“I can make the amendment to Fire daimyo about the brand of the thing, however, if you ask me about the person named Flynn, I as the Hokage can’t verdict anything… knowing he’s able to mimic the secret technique of the sand village and used it to create some plaything? I bet those sand will cry tears of blood if they know about it…”

“Mimic? You’ve belittled the man too much…”

“What do you mean? Explain it more Homura…”

“I’ve once battled against the puppet master of the Sand, however, they never once able to use the string to attack… the most they can do is using their puppetry to control the puppet they had. Even with that, they need to create a special puppet that can move as they wish from how they control it. And it needed a chakra control that equal an elite chunin level… a mere fresh graduate Genin can only dream to have the chakra control…”

“So that means?”

“Peace dulled your insight Hiruzen” Danzo admonish Hiruzen that still questioning Homura’s explanation.

“then tell me, Danzo…”

“It means the Genin is genius in chakra control, or else the man is a genius in teaching…”

Knowing the jutsu, mean that they’ve already understood how the jutsu played. It is, after all, something they need to create the Lego. Preciseness is the ability that needed in doing so, that’s the reason why human-created ones are something that is almost impossible to be precise.

For example, a normal human can’t create a simple line with the same thickness and length in the ground over and over again. Only those that have years of experience in the work-related could do so, knowing so, Flynn able to teach the Genin how to create one with an advanced jutsu with less chakra they need to release a clone jutsu.

“So, that’s the reason he gave us the blueprint on how to make a Lego machine huh…”

“that’s right… the person already counts how we’ll do the thing, and how we judge thing… I wouldn’t expect something like this from a missing ninja that not even drafted in the bingo book…”

“Who can? He’s missing when he’s only a 10 years old brat… furthermore, a genius like Yugao that can be said the genius which only losing to Itachi have back in… she must be hidden many things from us, knowing how good she is…”

“Indeed, 10-years old anbu… what do you expect of her… we can also relate the thing to him in that case right?”

“That he’s the person behind the 10 years old anbu we’ve praised?”

“that’s right… he might be the gem we miss years ago…”

The meeting then met an eerie silence. A ninja that can make a 10-years old anbu, furthermore, the person himself is only 10-year old… not only she’s a 10-years old anbu, but she’s also had the ability an elite jounin should have.

“knowing that we can assume that in these years he’s missing… he should already reach the same level or even more than you right? Hiruzen…”

“… I assume so, knowing he can easily bypass the village protection barrier…”

“Oh… we can only pray that he won’t run amok in the village then…”

“You’re right, Koharu…”

Another eerie silence in the room, but soon the sound of knocking door could be heard.

“Pardon me sir, but there’s a sudden request from the person named Flynn… he said it’s an emergency request he delivered”

“Oh, Shikaku… you can say the request…”

“Pardon me, dear councils since you all discussing something about me, then I’ll make an official request for now. I’ve assigned your spies, or to be exact Hayate’s squad to done a mission for me, it’d only took some time, you don’t need to worry about their safe being… however, it must be done in a hurry so I’ve parted with them this morning… well, this is only a formality message, ah, I’ve put the money inside the paper, so thank you for bearing with my selfishness… ” as the sentences continue Shikaku tensed than before, and at the end of the letter, he said.

“is what he said… by all means, it’s not me who said that I’m only reading his letter”




The team hopping from a tree to another, they fully focusing on their speed to make it as fast as they can.

“Is this really alright Hayate-sensei?”

By doing a mission without the approval of the mission building, it can be said that they’re doing an illegal mission, in other words, being a ran away ninja…

“Flynn will do the formal request to the Hokage, at the same time he seems to want us to be the one who does it… I believe Hokage can only approve the mission…”

“Why is it so sensei?”

“Well… let’s just say that Flynn has made a big contribution to the village…”

“So, he’s not only making out and creating a baby with Yugao-san?”

“He isn’t…”

“well, that means Erika can’t peep on Flynn-san then…”

After saying the words, Hiura gets a kick from Erika.

“How rude! It’s a reconnaissance…”

“Okay then, you guys… we’ve run for hours already since the destination need is several days by walking, we’ll go the fastest as we can with less rest…”

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