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Stranded World Chapter 9:  Genin (2)

Chapter 9:  Genin (2)


“We need to take care of the thing happen after, you guys got any ideas?”

As Hotaru asks them, Erika and Hiura shrug their shoulder. Seeing their reaction, he knew that they belittle the thing, and knowing that he scrunched his eyebrows. Looking at his expression, the usual expression he uses as the leader of the disciplinary group shrouding his authority over them, he looks menacing.

“What? You really think that it’s scary?”

“Uh… it didn’t? I’m scared here…”

Looking at the Hyuuga girl, he looks puzzled. This is the first time he failed in controlling a person, and she is the first. Knowing that he tries to bring logic to her, and explain many things he knows about it, and talk his way through.

“Now, do you understand?”

“What is?”

“I do, but how do we beat him?”

“That’s the question. I don’t have the experience to judge how to act after…”

“That’s true… I can’t expect someone at my age to think too much ahead huh…”

“Can we just surrender then guys?”

Both of them then widen their eyes and stared at the Uchiha brat, as if being enlightened. They all come out of their hideout and bring themselves to Hayate.

“Oh, smart choice, surrender when you’ve got nothing to plan anymore? It’s something I had to say weird, knowing there is 2 high and mighty clan in the team…”

Hayate mock at them, while Hiura looks angry, Erika glare at the man. Hotaru only giggles at it, while coming closer to him.


Hotaru attack Hayate, and Hayate changed to a trunk.

“You think I can’t see your trick?”

He then points the blade to the neck of Hotaru and the others, while doing so, he kicks the other two in the stomach.

“You really are amazing sensei…” said Hotaru dejectedly and poof

“A clone huh… then, you guys will come from…”

At his words, the brats come around him from above. Knowing that Hayate kicks them, and they can only groan on the ground.

“Okay you all passed, want to eat some sukiyaki?” he said cheerily

“Seriously? Our stomach churned…”

“So, who’ in?”

“I’m in”

“I’m in”

“So am I!”

They then go to the Akimichi clan’s hot pot. Forgetting about the pain their stomach they chomp the meat after another while Hayate sees his wallet and having a cold sweat behind his back. Lucky that there’s no Akimichi clan brat here, or else, his saving would be diminished…


“Who’s got the plan?” Hayate suddenly asked

At the question, they all gaze at the Uchiha kids, that still chomping the meat “Whaf wif you aff?”

“Seriously? Hiura did?” utter Hayate in disbelief

“Even now I still doubt the plan is coming from his mouth, sensei…”

“Gulp, hey! That’s rude!”

“*Giggle* he did propose to surrender but, Erika’s the one had the idea to trick Sensei…” admit Hotaru

“Praise me”

“You do a good job Erika” Praise Hotaru and pat her in the head, making the girl blush.

“You do a goo…” Hiura wants to copy Hotaru and pat her, only to receives a glare from her… “Such injustice…” whisper Hiura, while continue to chomping the meat.

“You do nothing then, Hotaru-kun?”

“I hate to say it, but I am… doing nothing?… well, I follow through their plan after all, so it didn’t count as nothing”

“Hah, says the one who make us safe”

“True, you do a good job leading the plan Hotaru”

“Oh, that’s nothing, if not for your plans”

“Praise the great me more! Hahaha! But, seriously… your fame doesn’t deceive the truth”

Looking at his student he smiles, remembering the day he and his teammates first day being beaten up by their teacher. Only to be thrashed and spit at. That day, he even hates his teacher to the core, and try to really murder him, only to hold back by other teammates of his.


“Anyway, who want to learn swords mastery?” at Hayate question, the 3 of them then raise their hands, looking back at how awesome the sword in his hands, able to do many things that are impossible with a kunai, they mesmerized by it.


“You all want it? Even you Erika?”

“What? I am not the main branch person, it’s alright for me to pick the way of the blade!”

“Neat, I like the sound of ‘the way of the blade’! anyway, what’s the skill name sensei?”

“The name’s moonlight, it’s a secret sword art that I developed myself… and that half-moon I used to Hotaru is the normal way to use, cool right?”


“It’s so-so”

“Well, we’ll know how awesome it is after we train it…”

“That’s true, now then. I’ll pay for the meal for now, then let’s part here! We meet up at mission pavilion tomorrow!”

“Acknowledged sir!”

“Copy that”

“Understood sir”

They then end their day and come to their house. While they depart, Hayate on his way home finds someone he knows really well, and greets him.

“You’ve come back? Playboy…” He smirked

“You’ve taken care of my Purple right? Hayate-kun”

“Oh, I wish you to die in a ditch somewhere so I can take a hold of her hands…”

“No way, not in this life I say…”

“Chill tiger, she’s in the orphanage. Better see her soon, or I’ll take her from you…”

“You won’t inform me to the Hokage?”

“Oh, so you afraid being found out huh?”

“Pfft, of course not… not so much actually…”

“Sigh… I know that an SSS missing-nin entering the village without the barrier yell means the Hokage isn’t your enemy or you can hide from the surveillance… anyway, just go… I got a headache from seeing your…”

“Owh… I miss you too, Hayate…”

“You can just go Flynn…”

“Sure G’night!”

After the man gone Hayate sigh, and walk slowly to his place, but then change his destination to the Hokage office…