Only Me – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Additional a lifetime life [2]   10 years, it’s the time they need to live through while being a brave, which is not summoned but reincarnated as a newborn baby. It’s the time they need to live through until they regain their memory as an earthling. While the summoned heroes need not wait, […]

Only Me – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Additional a lifetime life [1] “Woahh, this new unique skill really amazing eh~” “Seriously, it is. Only 3 months and he already have the power at the same stage as a person from the 6th order… those angels will eat shit when they know that” “Sadly, they won’t, even if they knew it, the […]

Only Me – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Re-write   This Karma is something like gunpowder, easily combustible… Unlike the stable chakra that likes calm and steady water without a ripple, Karma is a sea that in the middle of its storm. The waves that so high that could devour the whole ship, a wave that so high it could devour […]

Only Me – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The transmigrated 20 years [2]   “Fuck it! Grim! Faster! We’re gunna be dead when they catch us!” “I know! I’ve already run as fast as I could Fred!” “Noy fast enough! Faster!” The man which running in front of me is Fred Alnoya, he is my partner in this god forsaken place for more […]