Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 89: Awakening

[N POV]     In this battle, Arbalest had 200 casualties and 30% of the goods were damaged. When they think that a savior has come to their rescue, he suddenly stabs their beloved master in the chest. stabbed him exactly in the heart. At that moment, the world seemed to be frozen. For the […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 88: Intruder

[Claude POV]   “What a scary bastard. The wound has already started to close already. Oh well, see ya” Furk said as he stabbed downward at my wounded forehead. Even though the stab was slow, the sword will reach my brain in less than a second. At that time, I activated a barrier artifact from […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 87: Battle 2

[Claude POV]   1 hour after the battle commenced, as I was playing catch and toss with the North Emperor, who later named himself Furk. The number of casualties Arbalest had was over 30 people, and the damage we created to the enemies was over 600. That’s a great number indeed. However, you must know […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 86: While you are in a war, I’m on a vacation

[Mike POV]   As we arrived in the Swords’ sanctuary, Sauros yelled when he saw his granddaughter’s silhouette, “Eris!” Hearing that she was being called, Eris looks back and sees her grandfather. Her eyes were glowing at that time, and she shouted back “Grandpa!” while running towards Sauros, opening her arms wide to hug the […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 85: Battle

[Claude POV] In a battle, there’d be several parts that needed to be done in. If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win any kind of battle. That’s what a certain person said was written in a strategy book that Alexander Cromwell once read. However, no matter how much we dig into the […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 84: Battle Formation

Chapter 84: Battle Formation   [Claude POV]   “Emperor, this isn’t a mere title in this world. To receive the title, one would need to train and face trials of many kinds. As a person that has reached the upper stage of King rank, I know how hard it is to achieve the rank. Aura […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 83: The little maid

Chapter 83: The little maid   [Claude POV]   As I covered her eyes, I teased her by asking “Keep your hands up, or I will abduct and sell you to a greasy old man.” “Hawawawa! “Big brother Claude won’t dare to do it; he’s too in love with me to sell me!” Aisha answered […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 82: God’s Title Candidate

Chapter 82: God’s Title Candidate   [N POV] The simple knife throw that Claude does is filled with mana, making a sonic boom that surprised Emporio. He quickly moved to deflect the knife that was heading straight for his head. “As expected of Cloud King, an amazing usage of Mana and Aura as always,” Emporio […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 81: Cloud King

Chapter 81: Cloud King   [Mike POV] Claude has become famous nowadays. Was it because he defeated the Sword Emperor Eugene? That’s one of the reasons, but the main reason was the new style implementing the usage of both magic and all types of weapon skills. The combination of three famous styles and the additional […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 80 : Underground A

Chapter 80: Underground A [Somar POV]   As I once again sat on the grave, I slowly caressed the tombstone Claude created for my parents. It’s been years since the Mana Calamity. The world has started to revolve and come to terms with the incident. Those that are left behind will be sad, but life […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 79: Foolish Noble

Chapter 79: Foolish Noble [N POV] Many nobles were green with envy as they saw Mike’s territory bringing him fortune from the beast’s material. Seeing that a ragtag group of soldiers can have such a meaty pie makes them want to have a slice, so they sent a group of knights as an excuse to […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 78: Genius Enchanter

Chapter 78: Genius Enchanter [N POV] After dealing with all the grime and blood in his body, Claude prepared the necessary tools to create another magic circle. To create another enchantment, he needed to try all kinds of ways of creating magic circles. Delving deep into any potential ideas, he always looked into books one […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 77: Head Knight Claude

Chapter 77: Head Knight Claude [Claude POV] As head knight, I didn’t really have any job entitled to me aside from training the soldiers and guarding the territory. However, the territory given to Mike was the place near the epicentrum of the Mana Calamity. The place where the destruction prevailed the most with the most […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 76: Each on their own path towards the future

E Chapter 76: Each on their own path towards the future [Claude POV] “Hold your sword, and slash! Always think before you slash that sword down, and leave no one alive once you are on a battlefield! ” I shouted towards them while walking with weight on my legs. This world is funny. No matter […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 75: Rudeus and his mental issue?

[N POV] Claude is sitting in a room inside an office, listening to a report from one of his subordinates in Division I, which is the intelligence division. “You mean, as a parting gift.” Did Eris and Rudeus have a papapa in the camp?” Claude said, reading the bizarre information. “Isn’t he underaged? Heck, what […]