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Stranded World Chapter 11: Mission

Chapter 11: Mission


“you’ve all come huh?” said Hayate to his team, while glancing at their preparation and their bag. The kids have good eyes, although Hiura has a little disappointment at their mission, they’d all ready to depart.


“Our mission this time is espionage, moreover the person is a man that’s not even a Genin? That’s so lame…”

“Shut your mouth Hiura, the mission already started, there’s no time to grumbling like this…”

“But you also think so right? This mission will take only several hours!”

Espionage mission, although it’s occasionally ranked as a B or even A-class mission, some ranked less like the mission to spy some official to a normal person. In a normal magistrate in the land of fire.

Although it’s a lesser ranked, it’s ranked as a C rank mission, not for a normal Genin to do. Still, even for a normal Genin spying, some missing-nin isn’t something a fresh graduate Genin could do…

“Don’t belittle a C rank mission, even if its target a normal person, he could have dealing with some bigwig, even if he’s not, don’t ever expect a normal espionage mission in a ninja village… you can lose your life…”


At Hotaru’s warning, the two of them readying their expression and will. They’re, after all, a ninja clan’s descendant. Even if they’re being a wuss and idiotic brats sometimes. It’s all imprinted in their bones, danger that is…


They continue to follow Hayate and arrived at the orphanage front door. At the sight, Hotaru’s astonished while Hayate and the others spied at it silently.

Hiding behind the shade, Hayate then explains “the target on our espionage is the man named Flynn firefly, he’s come back to this village after more than 10 years. Now, he’s staying in the orphanage as a worker and lover of the orphanage guardian.”


“Is he a normal worker sensei?”

“No, he’s a runaway ninja 10 years ago Erika”

“isn’t that mean he’s a small fish sensei?”

“No, he’s a genius from the academy… a specialist in medical ninjutsu that even makes the medic sannin Tsunade-sama fascinated…”

“He’s a big fish?!”


“What’s his connection to the Orphanage sensei?”

“well… he’s an alumnus…”


“he once the same as you, an abandoned child that picked up by Tsunade-sama and brought to the orphanage… however, the day Kyuubi ran amok he suddenly went MIA and come back a month ago…”

“A coward?”

“I doubt so… at the time, he’s only 10 years old, however, he’s able to battle toe to toes again an anbu… furthermore, in his escape, we’ve found several corpses of Jounin missing ninja from several villages. At the same time, several chakra beasts killed in his way, Rank C’s chakra beast…”


Not only does he able to kill A class Missing ninja but also C rank chakra beasts that could easily kill more than 5 Jonin. That is something a 10-year old child able to do, not even them able to do something like that either…


“It’s only suspected after all, not a definite and concrete thing… there’s also a possibility that he’s being saved by another ninja that can be a suspect in the attack of 4th and Kyuubi that ran amok in the village that day… however, him being back to the village make the investigation easier. That’s also the reason why the Hokage left you all here…”

“It’s because of most of us a sensor type ninja…”

“Correct, and out of the other team, ours have the best coordination and arsenal…”

“Isn’t team Asuma and Kurenai-sensei better in a mission, they’ve got the main member of Hyuuga, Kiba, and even that Aburame clan children, while the former got the famous ino-shika-cho combination…”

“as of now, they’re too mischievous to be used in the mission. Based on the report of each team’s leader. They are too green to be used…”

“Then, based on the criteria only us have the most mature composition of the fresh graduate?”

“I bet the word ‘mature’ is only acceptable for me and Hotaru in the member, not you Hiura”

“EH?! Why?!”

“I wonder…”

“Going back to the mission, from this day we’ll tail the person in question all day, all night…”

Thus, they start their stalking live. Continued to stalk their prey, they observe the front door of the orphanage for several days and continued to hide in the shadow. Sometimes peeking the windows, some night entering the place through the chimney, and sometimes hide in the toilet.

“There’s nothing wrong with the person!”

“We’re wasting our time!”


The only taciturn one is Hotaru, he stared at the man which sweeping the ground with some weird expression in his face. The person acts as if he is mother’s husband, taking care of the child, playing with the children, telling them stories, praising mother, and even cleaning…

He’s helping the kid in cleaning and even waking them up. In these days, he even saw the adoration in the children’s expression. Even though half of them are a different batch of children from his. He can see some of the children that healed by his healing jutsu, seeing that even Erika astonished by his ability.


Hayate’s caution not unneeded, he’s an amazing person that able to use the jutsu without any hand seal. His chakra control can equal those elite Jonin, even the famous Hayate Gekkou report the find to Hokage ASAP.


Irritated, Hotaru visits the orphanage blatantly. He opened the door and greet the children that he knows while saying his greeting to mother that inside the room. He reaches the handle of the room only to see…