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Stranded World Chapter 12: Mission (Astonishment)

Chapter 12: Mission (Astonishment)


Tick tock

Tick tock

Tic tock

The sound on the clock ticking in the orphanage, while the human inside frozen. Flabbergasted by the thing inside…

“Hey! Close the damn door already! I don’t mind being seen but purple here doesn’t like an audience in our intimate moment…”

The man and woman inside making love…




“So, can you tell me why were you disturbing my good time with my dear wifey?” question the blond man

“Hotaru, I know that you don’t know this… but you’ve already become a ninja so… forget what you see!” Yelled the purple-haired woman he’s always called mother, unexpectedly the woman in her 30s is only her transformation jutsu…

“I never know that Mother’s young… the same age as Hayate-sensei?”

“Oh! You’re Hayate’s disciple! He’s my bud, and he’s once been dumped by my purple…”

“so… you guys the same year as sensei then? According to the data you are 22 years old, right? Flynn-san”

“Oh… see purple, the village already trying to take care of me…even though I’m only here for a month”

“Well, knowing they sent a fresh graduate Gennin they should think of you so little…”

“uh… you’re right, guess I’ll stay here longer then…”

“right, I prefer you to forever staying here, and not leaving anymore…”

Feeling ignored, Hotaru speechless, and soon Hayate along with Erika and Hiura stood beside him.

“you’re the one report me, right? Hayate” the man suddenly spoke

While Hayate only stares at him, and sighs…

“Better me than the other… I don’t want them to know your secret after all… and you know what I’m talking about…”

“I sure am… not like I need it, but thanks anyway…”

“Sure, sure… I guess there’s really no more chance for me huh…” Hayate said while looking at Yugao, with a little bit of sadness in his gaze…

“You never once, Hayate… I only love him…”

“Sigh… okay guys, since the espionage mission still continues, we can go back home now… and go here tomorrow, isn’t it right? Mr. Missing ninja…”

“Oh, sure, sure… I won’t go anywhere… rather than that, I’m trying to make my own little purple here”


“Oh, I didn’t see you there, little one from the Hyuuga compound”

“Wow… that’s a mouthful”

“It isn’t little brat from Uchiha”

“how do you know? I do know you can see Hyuuga characteristic but an Uchiha like me isn’t something you can tell at the first glance…”

“Eh, what are you saying using those clothes with a Hella big clan symbol in your back…”

“Oh, right… forgot about that…”

Just as Hayate went through the door, Flynn suddenly runs so fast that even our eyes can only see the afterimages. Each step looks like a hop, each hop bearing no sound, the gaze he gave at the moment he bypassed them makes them equally scared.

“What’s just happen?”

“Let’s follow him sensei…”

“Okay, Erika, Hiura you two stay in this place… protect the place if something does happen”

Then the 2 follow Flynn’s shadow, they soon lose sight of the man, and looking at the trace he left. They can only be baffled…

“What is this…”

“Oh, you guys are late…”

The sight they see is chaos, trees, and roads all being scarred so much, even a broken tree looks like a dice. Even some ground has a destroyed mark in it, there’s also burnt marks…

“I see why you seem so wary of him sensei…”

“I seem to belittle him…”

“Hey, I’m not interested in guys okay, leave me…”

After that Hayate interrogates the man, while the man mends the place. Fixing the place that needed to be fixed, and cleaning the place that needed to be cleaned. Without answering any question Hayate gave him, the man only shrugs off his shoulder…

Giving up, Hayate then let him go. They come back to the orphanage, and call of the red alarm. Then come back to their respective home…


“Are you really alright?”

“there’s probably no problem, as I believe Hayate won’t tell something that I kept secret”

“You trust Hayate too much…”

“He deserves it… you should be softer to him, after all… he took care of the trouble in your way this 10 year, right?”

“I assume so… I just don’t like that he’s always trying to court me… even though I have you already…”

“I feel the guilt in your words, but don’t worry… the thing that will happen, will do… while the thing that won’t, will not happen…”

“Is that from your experience? Fufu… never expecting someone so childish like you to say something like this…”

“Hey, even if I’m childish you still head over heels for me, right?”

“Rawr… let’s continue our ‘wrestling’ then… I want to have little purple too after all…”

Without much to say, Flynn then locks his lips with her, and princess carries her to the bedroom. While so, the children at orphanage whispering to themselves selves “does it mean we’ll get a little sister?” “I think so…”