The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 474-476

474===================== Ripple effect “Hey… hey… Whoa… .” Well, Sylvia, whose tolerance has weakened, has become like this just by playing poker. This time, even though I didn’t intentionally make eye contact or smile a lot like before, it ended up like this. He looked at me blankly by himself and said, ‘Hot!’ Then he came to his senses and […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 467-473

467===================== Reversed relationship In conclusion, our operation went pretty well. Sara first detects the penguins from afar, and I approach the assassin. Defeat one with an attack on the vital point, and immediately activate the declaration of sanctuary. In the meantime, Sara also takes care of one, and Sarah and Diana take care of the […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 459-466

459====================== Crossroads “… Didn’t this body say earlier that it would only allow actions based on necessity?” “Huh. It did.” “… As long as you feel that suppressing your emotions is painful, I will admit that, too, is an act of necessity.” Diana, who was a little restless, said so while looking at me with an expression that […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 451-458

451====================== crossroads They are making other children wait in another room. Even if you come back later, it is the right decision to stop here. When I was about to say that, Felicia spoke first again. “Because in the first place, he thinks he attaches too much meaning to sex.” “What? That’s natural. It’s weird to just […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 435-450

435===================== Another find I’m not sure how likely they are to go to a male if I followed them in this wide cave, but I was a little confident. If there are no males at all, I don’t know, if there are males, they must be around here. Is that so too? If the real […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 427-434

427===================== The circumstances of the succubus “Ahh… haha… Whoops… .” “Huh. won It was a pointless fight.” On the sofa opposite the table where my gaze was directed, Sylvia turned to the side and stretched out with her limbs hanging. Anyone who sees it would know that I was suicidal. Well, he’s not dead because he’s breathing. “… Were you still […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 417-426

417===================== The circumstances of the succubus As I looked at that face, the tree frog guts in my heart suddenly popped out. “But I refuse.” When I came to my senses, I was already rejecting Felicia’s offer. Even though he thought it was an attractive proposal himself. “Yes? magnetism?” Felicia seemed to have lost a bit […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 409-416

409===================== Meal with Rachel Of course, just because the sound of footsteps has gone away, you cannot be relieved. They just came into the restaurant. It just went to another place. Besides, because of Rachel’s words a while ago, it’s possible that I’ll take a closer look at this for nothing. Damn it. So how am […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 402-408

402====================== 4 layers The system to remove the curse is the same as the level up system. That’s also how Matilda’s level rises. So, of course, I had to ejaculate a lot, and I needed to feel better, not Matilda. So, I did what I wanted to do so that I could be satisfied with […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 398-401

398===================== 4 layers Apparently she was very tired, and Matilda finally showed her face only when it was time for dinner. Looking at the color of his face, he looked good enough, but still, it would be better to talk calmly later. Anyway, that’s something that needs to be resolved until the next time you […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 390-397

390===================== 4 layers I was a little surprised that the plant that had been idle suddenly moved, but it was a surprise attack from the front anyway. If it was floating in the water, I wouldn’t know, but there was no way I couldn’t react as I was properly stepping on the floor. “Wow! It’s a […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 382-389

382===================== Are there demons in the dungeon? “I know you don’t have to say this, but I’ll tell you just in case. From now on, you must not go anywhere and never talk about it.” After breakfast, I came to my room with only the party members. Because there are other people’s eyes in the restaurant. It’s probably not […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 373-381

373===================== Another hero This time, no matter what Sarah does, her heart will never be shaken. I was so entrenched in my heart. After lowering Sarah’s legs that had been draped over her shoulders to create a back position, she grabbed her well-developed wide pelvis with both hands and violently moved her waist. Overall, like […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 360-372

360===================== Another hero “Ouch. Diana. hurt. Stop hitting.” “Don’t lie! Fool! transformation!” I shrugged as I was hit with the pat, but the action seemed to only fuel Diana’s anger. Diana swung her arm even stronger, stopped attacking for a moment as her fist hurt, and clapped her hands. So I said stop beating. “Wow… Also smells… .” Diana, who was blowing […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 354-359

354===================== The identity of the giant manastone “What do you think? Have you calmed down a bit?” “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… .” I gently removed my hand from Vanessa’s body and asked, but Vanessa just looked up at me with a blank expression without saying a word. No matter how tight I was holding […]