Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 115: Docile

E Chapter 115: Docile   [N POV] While the others work to subjugate and tame the beast, Lucas Lumiere, the current leader of the newly established Division U, the former D49, is doing his best to track down the mysterious minstrel, Lynn. As he followed the minstrel, he found the story he told intriguing. Unlike […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 114: Unexpected event

E Chapter 114: Unexpected event   [N POV] Dread. That’s the only feeling they had as they laid their eyes on the perpetrator of the bloodied sea in front of them. “A dragon…” As soon as they see this, they unactivate the balance card and activate the agility card. Soon, a leather garment glowing with […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 113: Sea Serpent

E Chapter 113: Sea Serpent   [N POV]   After they’ve dealt with the necessary preparation and obtained the card, the members of Crossbows +2 start their journey towards the den of the Sea Serpent. the one that was said to be Hydra’s kin. Different from the ground king, which moves in packs, sea serpents […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 112: Requip

E Chapter 112: Requip   [Claude POV]     Taking care of a wyvern is way easier than a ground king. The Wyvern will follow the one giving them food while the Ground King is needy. This monster that’s a fusion between wolf and mole had a cat-like trait. If you’re being nice to them, […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 111: Taming [2]

E Chapter 111: Taming [2]   [Claude POV] The depth of the Emperor’s rank is deep. Unlike when I was a saint or king, the Emperor seems to not have any real rank beyond the limit. From this point on, my progress will be as slow as a snail. Each development might be small, but […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 110: Taming

E Chapter 110: Taming   [N POV] Slash! Pluck! Boom! “Keep your heads away from the beast!” Claude yelled as he commanded them, and currently they circled the king of the horde. Different from the beasts of the main continent, the monsters of Begaritt tend to move in hordes, and what their leader commands them […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 109: Counter measure

E Chapter 109: Counter measure   [N POV] “So, basically, the troubadour association might be an enormous organization that puts us in trouble?” Kuro said this while moving exaggeratedly. In the room, Claude already told the team the story about the situation he just discovered. Fred, D, U, Alex, and Isolte are also in the […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 108: Mysterious Minstrel

E Chapter 108: Mysterious Minstrel   [N POV] As he already knew how the story went, Claude patiently waited until the minstrel completed his tales. He didn’t interrupt as he compared what he knew to the story the minstrel told. One of the benefits of soul power is that he can still communicate with his […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 107: Counter Arrow

E Chapter 107: Counter Arrow   [N POV] “O dear Goddess, Roxy, I hope you bless me for today as well.” Rudeus said, as he prostrated towards the white but slightly old underwear in front of him. After doing several undecipherable things in front of the underwear, he put them back in the box again. […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 106: Date

E Chapter 106: Date   [N POV] Bringing back the time by a little, after the explosive sparring. Crossbow’s prowess has tripled, and the team has become more cohesive than before. They had a better understanding of their cooperation and a better sense of how to move. As they learn more information than necessary because […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 105: It’s been a while [3]

E Chapter 105: It’s been a while [3]   [N POV] “Well, well, well… If it isn’t, miss Roxy. It’s been a while, “Claude said as he saw the approaching Migurd. It’s been a day since he sparred, and the people from division D had already fully healed. On the way to his break, he […]

1 Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 116: Dragon

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1 Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 115: Docile

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